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A folder management and scratchpad program, useful for managing commonly used folders; especially in a business network setting that utilizes lots of folders.

The whole program is accessible via an icon in your Notification Area.
  • Built on the .NET Framework 3.5 using Visual Basic 2010 Professional


FolderPad: A folder management window
  • Easily access common system locations with the buttons on the left of the window
  • Easily manage folders on your PC or mapped network drives from a context menu
  • Manually add known locations that you can't find in the Folder browser.
  • Give meaningful names to these locations so they are easy to find in the list, and change them if you want
  • Sort the entries in the list, putting your most used paths near the top (or bottom)

TrayPad: A scratchpad window
  • Save notes as you type; easily find notes that load everytime you load Windows
  • Highlight a URL and right-click to go to the website using your favorite browser
  • Rename and Sort the tabs so you know exactly where your notes are (Sorting tabs requires .NET Framework 3.5 to function)
  • If you program, export the selected tab to Notepadpp; even select the syntax highlighting before exporting
  • Save or print the contents of the currently selected tab

Version 2010.29.39.39 Updates
This is currently the most stable and usable version.
  • 2010.29.39.39 - 11384 - MAJOR Create ability to replace all or selected text of the current tab and keep a history of these changes (Traypad)
  • 2010.28.39.39 - 11320 - FIXED Cause menu button status check to trigger after KeyUp event (TrayPad)

Version Updates
  • - 11318 - MINOR Allow to change case of selected text (TrayPad)
  • - 11298 - MINOR Add "Copy to Clipboard" option to Context Menu (FolderPad)

Version Updates
  • - 10/24/12 - FIXED Update DevExpress controls. Did not realize this affected the Toolbar Icons on FolderPad and in Settings. (Settings)
  • - 10/23/12 - MAJOR Add the ability to load outside files and give it an icon to mark it as external. (TrayPad)
  • - 11/08/11 - MINOR Change add folder process and add browse textbox (DevExpress) to the edit form. (TrayPad)
  • - 11/08/11 - MINOR Make Clipboard toolstrip buttons disable at appropriate times. (TrayPad)
  • - 11/08/11 - MINOR Add GoTo URL button to toolstrip. (TrayPad)

Version Updates
  • - 11/05/11 - FIXED Not sure if this was happening before. Seems like it would have been, but if TrayPad had not been opened, an exception would occur when saving Settings because it couldn't be referenced. (Settings)
  • - 11/05/11 - FIXED Dynamically generated TextBoxes for each Pad was not set to allow tabbing. (TrayPad)
  • - 11/05/11 - FIXED After deleting the Font/Color settings option, forgot to adjust default setting option to the altered location. (Settings)
  • - 11/05/11 - FIXED Fix Help file reference. (SysPad)
  • - 11/05/11 - minor Add navigation bar back to left side of help file. (SysPad)

Version Updates
  • - 10/26/11 - Major update that culminates in version 5. TrayPad has been updated to allow for multiple tabs to be dynamically added by the user. Methods have been put in place to convert current data to the new format. Pads will lose all formatting, custom ordering and custom tab names, but will retain their text, which is what really matters :p). Font settings are now set on the main TrayPad itself, per Tab.
Exporting and Importing SysPad data has been disabled at this time. Because of the new, dynamic nature of TrayPad, the old system does not work and a suitable replacement has yet to be formulated. All changes can be found in the updated Help file or you can contact me directly for help or bug feedback at
Lastly, I found a new icon pack called Fugue (and if anyone wants it, the About page has a link). It looks really nice and there was an icon that fit every purpose of this application.
  • - 10/25/11 - FIXED Tag Edit prompt would still show even with no tag selected to edit (Settings)
  • - 08/17/11 - FIXED When pressing Enter or double-clicking with nothing selected, it does not open the C:\ folder anymore.
  • - 08/17/11 - FIXED Does not give exception when focus is in type filtering box and arrowing past last item.
  • - 08/17/11 - FIXED If there is text in the filter after editing, do not remove it.
  • - 08/17/11 - Allow F2 to edit selection rather than text when focus is in text filtering box.
  • - 08/17/11 - Added some more characters to the allowed list for text filtering. Searching crashes with certain characters. The below list is the allowed character list for type-filtering.

Version Updates
  • - 04/30/11 - minor Do not load New Folder option if pressing enter in Filter Box (FolderPad)</li>
  • - 04/30/11 - minor Allow Up/Down keys while focus is in Filter Box (FolderPad)</li>
  • - 04/30/11 - FIXED Cannot use certain special characters in type filtering due to limitations on DataTable filtering (filter textbox for only alphanumeric, space, delete and backspace)
  • - 04/30/11 - FIXED Keep edit from going back to "All" tag (FolderPad)</li>
  • - 04/30/11 - FIXED Fix checkbox in settings (Settings)</li>
  • - 04/30/11 - FIXED Code was incomplete and would not save folders.xml during export (Settings)</li>

Version Updates
  • - 04/19/10 - FIXED When adding the feature from update yesterday, I forgot to keep the program from trying to select index 0 when there is no items in the list, which causes the program to crash. (FolderPad)

Version Updates
  • - 04/18/10 - FIXED A major issue was found in the conversion process of folder items. Unfortunately, the testing phase could not catch this. If you have noticed issues with folders displaying, this update should fix that. If not, please contact me with as many specifics as possible. All original folder information is still intact. (FolderPad)
  • - 04/15/10 - minor While type-filtering, the first item in the list of folders will always be selected. (FolderPad)

Version Updates
  • - 04/13/10 - FIXED Wrong folders opening due to wrong index being referenced if entries were being sorted/filtered. (FolderPad)

Version Updates
  • - 04/12/10 - minor Moved Path display to label at bottom of window. Label will display the path of the entry the mouse is hovering over. Will default to the SelectedItem when the cursor leaves the ListBox (FolderPad)
  • 4.10.7 - 03/31/10 - Added the ability to type in a textbox and filter the visible entries based on text contained in the entry name (FolderPad)
  • 4.9.7 - 03/26/10 - Added a tagging system so that entries can be filtered from a drop-down menu (FolderPad)

Version 4.8.7 Updates
  • 4.8.7 - 01/20/10 - FIXED Program crashes when accessing About screen due to issue of retrieving version number from executable properly (FolderPad)
  • 4.8.6 - 01/14/10 - Folders can be dragged from the Windows OS onto FolderPad and added by that means (FolderPad)
  • Changed main SysPad icon (again)

Version 4.7.6 Updates
  • 4.7.6 - 11/10/09 - Added ability to turn off update notifications. Also rearranged settings and modified the automatic updater executable(SysPad)

Version 4.6.6 Updates
  • 4.6.6 - 10/28/09 - FIXED: Possible bug where saving the program settings on program shutdown would cause the TrayPad coordinates to go to -32000, -32000 and making the TrayPad disappear. If coordinates have been set to this, they will be reset to 0, 0. I will continue to watch to see if the bug persists and try to find out exactly what it is. (TrayPad)

Version 4.6.5 Updates - Biggest update ever!!!
  • 4.6.5 - 09/26/09 - FIXED: New Tab name not displaying in Titlebar when changed (TrayPad)
  • 4.6.4 - 09/03/09 - Allows the Command Prompt option on the toolstrip to be elevated as administrator. (FolderPad)
  • 4.5.4 - 09/03/09 - Added options to change opacity of TrayPad in 10% increments from 30 to 100. Using CTRL-W or CTRL-S, 1% increments are possible. (TrayPad)
  • 4.4.4 - 09/03/09 - Always on Top option placed in File menu option of TrayPad. Shortcut CTRL+T also enables/disables this feature quickly. (TrayPad)
  • 4.3.4 - 09/02/09 - Enabled Maximize button on TrayPad (TrayPad)
  • 4.2.4 - 09/01/09 - FIXED: TrayPad not loading properly with Custom tab names (TrayPad)
  • 4.2.3 - 09/01/09 - FIXED: FolderPad did not hide when clicking on the printers button in the toolstrip (FolderPad)
  • 4.2.2 - 09/01/09 - FIXED: Startup registry entry not deleting when unchecking “Run on Windows startup” in the settings (SysPad)
  • 4.2.1 - 09/01/09 - FIXED: Could add weblinks or files while doing an Edit Path. Used same restriction code as when creating a custom entry to limit to folders. (FolderPad)
  • 4.2.0 - 08/31/09 - Retrieved 16x16 icons for buttons from Win7. They display clearer since they are not 32x32 icons being resized by the program. (FolderPad)
  • 4.1.0 - 08/31/09 - Added version number to About window. (SysPad)
  • 4.0.0 - 08/31/09 - Automatic updater created. SysPad now checks for updates and can download a new installer. (SysPad)
This will allow for changes to be made to SysPad without having to keep track of the program on your own. SysPad will check for a new version everytime it runs, or you can manually check for an update from the Notification Icon. If a new version is found, you can download a new installer which will then run and install the updates to SysPad.
I have a few updates planned for the near future; a few bug fixes and some new features.
Now that I have this though, I wish I would have implemented this sooner :). Better late than never.

Version 3.8.4 Updates
  • 3.8.4 - 07/29/09 - Reenabled the Minimize button (TrayPad)
  • 3.8.3 - 07/28/09 - Can now set TrayPad to display the currently selected tab's text in the titlebar, with or without "TrayPad" (TrayPad)
  • 3.7.3 - 07/27/09 - FIXED: All settings in the Settings window utilize the My.Settings namespace. Between version increments, settings would be lost. Have figured out where the settings are kept and how to have the settings persist between version updates. (SysPad)
  • 3.6.2 - 07/25/09 - Notepadpp executable path is now automatically detected. Notepadpp tab has been removed from Settings. (SysPad)
  • 3.5.2 - 07/21/09 - Better error handling; more Try..Catch and If..Else statements. (SysPad)
  • 3.5.1 - 07/21/09 - Added ability to import and export data. This includes TrayPad pad data and FolderPad locations. (SysPad)
  • 3.4.1 - 07/19/09 - Added many new button choices for the FolderPad toolstrip. In Settings, buttons can be selected to display and the order in which they display. They also are made up of the official icons in Vista for that program. (FolderPad)
  • 3.3.1 - 07/15/09 - F2 has been assigned to Renaming the currently selected folder (FolderPad)
  • 3.2.1 - 07/07/09 - The toolbar on FolderPad that has common system folder can now be docked to the top and bottom of the window as well. Left it off the right side since it is so close to the scrollbar (FolderPad)
  • 3.1.1 - 07/06/09 - Implemented "Snap-To" functionality. When TrayPad or FolderPad are 20 pixels away from the edge of the screen (detects Taskbar) it will attach itself to the edge. (SysPad)
  • 3.0.1 - 07/06/09 - FIXED: checks to be sure Notepadpp and Altap Salamander are still installed at startup, when loading settings, or when opening a folder, if they are set to be used. If these didn't exist, the program would crash. (SysPad)

Version 3.0 Updates
  • 06/26/09 - Implemented launch support for the custom File Explorer, Altap Salamander (SysPad)
  • 06/24/09 - Program Exit, Settings, Help and About windows have been moved from TrayPad to a right-click context menu from the Notification Icon (SysPad)
  • 06/24/09 - Changed basic functionality of SysPad. Instead of right and left click events bringing up FolderPad and TrayPad respectively, you can now define, in the Settings, which window is the default window to open upon double-clicking the Notification Icon (SysPad)
  • 06/24/09 - Added Separate Color choices for TrayPad and FolderPad (Settings)
  • 06/24/09 - Restructured the Settings window. Now is in Listview format like many popular program option setups (Settings)
  • 06/23/09 - FIXED: Added Ability to manually remove Notepadpp path (Settings)
  • 06/19/09 - FIXED: Resize drawing issues. (SysPad)
  • 06/19/09 - FIXED: After cancelling a custom path, invalid path message would still display. (FolderPad)

Version 2.7 Updates
  • 06/01/09 - Resolved an issue when Vista has UAC turned on, data cannot be written for SysPad. In an attempt to comply with Windows Security standards, data files have been moved to the Application Data folder for the current user. This also removes the need for elevation to use SysPad. (SysPad) (A Benefit of this fix is that each user on a PC will now have their own files load into SysPad on launch of the program.)
  • 06/01/09 - Resolved an issue with the second Pad losing its data. Cause is unknown as I really didn't change any code to resolve it, I just recompiled. :) (TrayPad)

Version 2.6 Updates
  • 05/27/09 - Added ability to insert tab spaces in the pads instead of pressing Tab moving to different controls. (TrayPad)
  • 05/27/09 - Added ability to Export pad text to Notepad pp. You can also select a programming language for syntax highlighting (TrayPad)

Version 2.5.5 Updates
  • 05/23/09 - Moved renaming feature from settings to a right-click on each tab. (TrayPad)
  • 05/23/09 - Can reorder tabs by dragging and dropping them (TrayPad)
  • 05/23/09 - Changed Notifcation Area icon (SysPad)
  • 05/21/09 - Fixed bug where invalid addresses would still try to launch when using shortcut key (CTRL+G). (TrayPad)
  • 05/21/09 - Fixed bug where certain program launch points (start menu, desktop shortcut, etc) would not launch help file properly. (SysPad)

Version 2.5 Updates
  • 05/20/09 - Added help file. (SysPad)
  • 05/19/09 - Added shortcut keys for various operations. (TrayPad)
  • 05/15/09 - Added ability to rename tabs. (TrayPad)
  • 05/15/09 - Added "Select All" to context menu (TrayPad)

Version 2.0 Updates
  • 05.11.09 - Determine issue with XP shutdown halting
  • 05.11.09 - Add options for preset toolbar buttons for folders like My Computer, C:\, D:\, Recycle Bin, etc. (FolderPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Issue with Multiline Textboxes only using 32767 characters. MaxLength was supposedly an ignored property. (TrayPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Add Open option in Context Menu (FolderPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Allow Enter key to access highlighted folder (FolderPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Fix Custom path form (not working at all. Lost code during transition of creating a new project) (FolderPad)
  • 05.06.09 - MenuBar Options (Remove toolbar) (TrayPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Add CTRL shortcuts for Saving and Printing tabs (TrayPad)
  • 05.06.09 - Add right-click ability to highlight a URL and navigate to it from text areas (TrayPad)

Change History
  • 11.12.08 - Uploaded new release addressing bug.
  • 11.12.08 - FilePath bug found. On system load, program had trouble retrieving required text files from program root folder. (Changed folder to C:\". (SysPad)
  • 11.05.08 - When right-clicking on FolderPad, options that should not be available now get disabled. (FolderPad)
  • 11.05.08 - Fixed some minor cosmetic issues. (SysPad)
  • 11.04.08 - Created a status bar and keeps track of Line/Column in selected Pad. (TrayPad)
  • 10.29.08 - Changed from a MenuBar to a ToolStrip. (TrayPad)
  • 10.21.08 - Added Icons to context menus. (FolderPad)
  • 10.21.08 - Fixed various coding issues that were overlooked when implementing the UNC conversion option. (FolderPad)
  • 10.21.08 - Added support for right-click selection of an item in the listbox. (FolderPad)
  • 10.16.08 - Added support for UNC path display option. (FolderPad)
  • 10.16.08 - Added Tooltips to various controls. (SysPad)
  • 10.14.08 - Made Tab selection more apparant by bolding the text of the currently selected Tab. (TrayPad)
  • 10.06.08 - Initial project was launched

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